US FAA launches high-priority probe of Boeing's safety analyses


Southwest has also ordered 257 more and American, which was the world's largest airline, ordered 85 more of the model.

"This is not about silos and layers of bureaucracy, this is about knowing your airplane", Tajer said. The US company has been relying on profit reaped from faster output of the narrow-body jet to ease financial strain from introducing its newest wide-body aircraft, the 777X.

Soerjanto said on Tuesday that the pilot of that flight, which was travelling from Bali to Jakarta, reacted quickly to the data discrepancy and switched off the tail trim mechanism that might have caused the plane to nose-dive.

According to Mr Deviandri, Mr Pratama shared a "heartbreaking joke" with his fiancee before he left, asking her to go ahead with the photo shoot if he failed to return.

"The companies and the pilots should have been informed", Weaks said.

There is so much experience with [using Pitot tubes] that it surprises me very much that this could happen to a newly developed plane. "Safety remains our top priority and is a core value for everyone at Boeing". In the meantime airlines, pilots, regulators and jet manufacturers have been frantically reviewing flight protocols and systems to ensure passengers on other 737 MAX8 jets are not put at risk. The investigative agency plans to release a preliminary report between November 28 and 29, a month after the crash, as mandated by global treaty.

But, according to Roger Cox, a retired investigator with the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and a former airline pilot who spoke to TIME, crews have every right to be angry at Boeing.

The FAA said in a statement that it would take further action if that was warranted by findings from the accident investigation.

Airplane manufacturing giant Boeing is in the hot seat after questions about its protocol were raised during an investigation into a fatal crash involving its new jetliner in Indonesia last month. The directive warned pilots that a computer on the Boeing 737 MAX could lead to the plane being forced to descend sharply for up to 10 seconds even in manual flight, leading to potential difficulties in controlling the plane.

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Pilots can stop this automated response by pressing two buttons if the system behaves unexpectedly, the directive said.

After problems were reported with the air speed indicator, the AOA sensor was replaced by a Lion Air technician in Bali before the plane departed for Jakarta on its penultimate flight.

According to sources at two airlines operating the MAX series, the system in question is called Maneuvering Characteristic Augmentation (MCAS) and is meant to improve pitch response at high angles of attack.

Aviation Week said it verified that the MCAS system wasn't covered in the operations manual or in the supplemental training materials provided to pilots coming over to the 737 MAX from the previous generation of 737s. "That is positive news, but it is no assurance that the system will not fail".

Jon Weaks, a 737 captain and president of the pilots union at Southwest, said he couldn't recall a similar omission in a Boeing operating manual.

The Max has accounted for 37 per cent of all 737 deliveries this year, trailing Boeing's goal of 40 to 45 per cent.

The focus of the investigation appears to be expanding to the clarity of US -approved procedures to help pilots prevent the 737 MAX from over-reacting to such a data loss, and methods for training them.

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