Angela Merkel's plane makes emergency landing


Due to a malfunction of the government plane, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to interrupt the flight to Argentina at the G20 summit.

Her office says Mrs Merkel and delegates made a safe, but unscheduled, landing in Cologne after the aircraft developed a technical problem.

Guido Henrich, commander of the German Air Force's government fleet, told reporters the pilots experienced the radio failure over the Netherlands and that other systems failed too, so they landed at Cologne-Bonn airport. Last year, Merkel was delayed on a trip to Egypt because a windshield heater malfunctioned.

There were few early signs of trouble on board the flight, aside from a frozen video screen that would normally show the plane's path.

The latest embarrassing glitch for the German military forced Merkel to instead take a commercial flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires with a vastly reduced delegation and miss scheduled talks with several world leaders.

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The Airbus A340 government aircraft carrying Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German delgeation to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires.

Merkel will now travel to the G20 with a vastly slimmed-down delegation. Putin warmly welcomed the chancellor, invited her to breakfast and asked about Merkel's further plans within the summit. It was not immediately clear which bilateral meetings would have to be rescheduled.

Merkel planned to meet with Trump, President Xi Jinping of China and Argentine President Maruricio Macri.

In October, it was grounded in Indonesia after rodents gnawed through electrical cables during an annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), German news agency dpa reported.