Huawei's global chief financial officer arrested in Vancouver


The worldwide chief financial officer of Huawei has been arrested in Vancouver by Canadian authorities over allegations that she has violated United States trade embargo against Iran.

Meng, who is the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, is seen as a key figure in the company, serving both on the company's executive team and its board of directors.

According to a statement obtained by the Richmond News from the Department of Justice Canada, Wanzhou Meng was arrested in Vancouver on December 1.

Huawei is one of the world's leading makers of telecommunications network equipment.

A spokesman for the US Justice Department in the Eastern District of NY - which Huawei said had brought the charges - declined to comment.

The US has also been investigating the alleged shipping of US-made products to Iran and other countries by Huawei since 2016, an activity that would violate US sanctions laws.

"The Chinese side has lodged stern representations with the U.S. and Canadian side, and urged them to immediately correct the wrongdoing and restore the personal freedom of Ms. Meng Wanzhou".

The arrest was confirmed in a statement to The Globe and Mail by the US Justice Department, with a bail hearing set to take place this Friday.

He said Meng is sought for extradition by the U.S.

The spokesman added that Huawei complies with laws and regulations everywhere it operates.

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In 2011, the American government stopped Huawei from purchasing USA server technology company 3Leaf's assets, for national security reasons.

A foreign ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said then that China hoped the USA would refrain from taking actions that could further undermine investor confidence in the US business environment and harm its domestic economy.

In a statement to Fortune, a Huawei spokesperson confirmed that Meng was detained, and said that she "faces unspecified charges in the Eastern District of NY". The U.S. previously banned ZTE, a Huawei competitor, for violating similar sanctions. "The company believes the Canadian and United States legal systems will ultimately reach a just conclusion", it said.

Last month, the Trump administration launched an unusual lobbying campaign directed at allied foreign governments, asking them to press wireless and internet providers in these countries not to use Huawei equipment, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Mr Little won't reveal what significant national security risks Huawei poses saying the information was classified.

According to CNBC, the United Kingdom has also blocked the tech giant from providing key equipment for the development of a 5G network by telecommunications firm BT.

Most recently, the U.K.'s BT said it plans to remove Huawei equipment from its core network.

Huawei has repeatedly denied engaging in intelligence work for any government and is seeking an urgent meeting with the New Zealand government.

Although Huawei sought to distance itself from Skycom, investigative journalists found close connections between the two companies.

Mulroney said Canada should be prepared for "sustained fury" from the Chinese and said it will be portrayed in China as Canada kowtowing to Trump.