YouTuber punishes package thieves with glitter bomb, fart sprayer


After having numerous packages stolen directly from his front porch, a YouTuber and engineer chose to take matters into his own hands by creating a fake package which, when opened, covers the thief in glitter and fart spray.

Spare a few minutes of your day then to watch one YouTuber get his own back on these so-called "porch pirates" after building a homemade glitter bomb that detonates the second the package is opened.

"If anyone was going to make a revenge bait package and over-engineer the crap out of it, it was going to be me", Mr Rober said of the device containing four smartphones, a circuit board, a tube of fart spray and almost 500 grams of glitter, hidden inside an Apple Homepod box. With GPS tracking, Rober was able to pick it up and reset the trap.

The fake package contains a custom-print circuit board with a built-in accelerometer.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, however, came up with a very novel idea involving an Apple HomePod retail box. When the package is outside of a specific area, the cameras start recording.

Mark Rober went to great lengths to deter people stealing parcels from his porch
YOU TUBE MARK ROBERMark Rober went to great lengths to deter people stealing parcels from his porch

So-called "porch pirates" - thieves who steal packages off people's doorsteps - have become an increasing issue as bad actors have sought to take advantage of growing demand for delivery services.

Rober documented the process on his YouTube channel in a video sponsored by private network service provider company NordVPN.

We see a series of delicious reactions to the glitter bomb and stink spray as they go off in thieves' cars and homes.

Earlier this year, Rober caught thieves stealing one of his Amazon packages on tape, but when he presented the video evidence to the cops, they said it wasn't worth their time to pursue.

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