Facebook Allowed Spotify to Read Your Private Messages


Some companies, including Sony, Microsoft and Amazon, were allowed to view users' contacts through their friends.

Spotify, on the other hand, admits they had access to read messages and even previously had the ability to read messages when people shared Spotify songs on Facebook Messenger but has since disabled that function.

Facebook has been under scrutiny since the revelation in March that consultancy Cambridge Analytica had misused Facebook user data in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election.

The whole debacle is comparable to the technical confusion that enabled Cambridge Analytica to collect data about Facebook user's friends without consent.

Facebook said it allowed some companies to access people's private messages so they could use its messaging features through other apps.

Last week, it was reported that a bug may have exposed millions of Facebook users' private photos to third party apps.

In this April 12, 2016, photo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks about the company's 10-year roadmap during the keynote address at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Microsoft acknowledged the Facebook report Wednesday morning, but said it did not use data from Facebook to create profiles for advertising on its Bing search engine.

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The investigation found that Facebook made deals with over 150 companies including online retailers, media organizations, automakers, and entertainment sites. He said the experiences were only available when users logged into the services through Facebook and were shut down almost three years ago. Hopefully they will be able to steer policy towards providing concrete data protection and more transparency from Facebook and other tech companies.

He added that Facebook's partners "don't get to ignore people's privacy settings", but concluded that the company has "got work to do to regain people's trust" which is putting it mildly. There's no evidence that Netflix used its ability to peek into people's private messages, but it sounds creepy, and Facebook whiffed on its chance to identify any open data pipelines, plug up the ones that weren't absolutely necessary, and make a full accounting to the public and Congress.

Some deals reach back to 2010, The Times noted, and all were active in 2017.

In response to The Time's report; Netflix and Spotify claimed that they were unaware of broad accesses granted by Facebook.

Mr Collins, who led Parliament's fake news inquiry, recently published internal Facebook documents that revealed it had cut off data access to rival companies that were threatening its business model.

The Times report raises concern about Facebook's 2011 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, which states the company can not share user data "without explicit permission".

More troubling to observers, however, was any sense that Facebook gave third parties deep access to user data without properly informing users and gaining permission. "Facebook rewards these firms with data privileges that other organisations do not enjoy".

"The flagrancy with which Facebook has flouted its consent decree shows it doesn't take the agency seriously", the group said in a statement.