Government Careens Toward Shutdown After Trump's Wall Demand


He added that congressional Republicans also have "fumbled", as they have held the House, Senate and White House for almost two years, but have failed to get significant border security funding.

The House's approval of billions for border security comes after Trump said Thursday he would not sign a short-term spending bill that did not include such funding.

"Republicans may now try to table a stopgap bill that does include Dollars 5bn in Wall funding, but it is unlikely that this will find support from the Democrats - or in the words of Senate Minority Leader Schumer: "There are not the votes in the Senate for a wall, not now, not next week, not next month or beyond".

Late Wednesday, the Senate passed a measure to extend current levels of government spending until February 8, buying lawmakers time to enjoy the holidays and a few more weeks to negotiate a long-term deal.

One more point to clarify: Schumer in January 2018 said he offered to back funding for Trump's border wall in exchange for a broader immigration package that included a deal for so-called Dreamers, young immigrants living in the country illegally.

Trump interrupted the basement session with a phone call to Ryan, and then the president lashed out at Republican leaders on Twitter. Properly designed and built walls work, and the Democrats are lying when they say they don't.

Congress has already approved five of the 12 annual funding bills for 2019, which cover roughly 75 percent of the federal government's $1.2 trillion discretionary budget, including the departments of defense, labor, and health. Conway said the president will "find the money one way or another".

The official said it's still unclear what Trump will do - a similar situation to the omnibus signing last March. "If enough Dems don't vote, it will be a Democrat Shutdown!" he tweeted.

He and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats' leader, said the right choice was to pass the "clean" bill that cleared the Senate on a bipartisan voice vote Wednesday.

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Before turning on fellow Republicans, Trump had been directing his ire at Democrats, tweeting that they were "putting politics over country".

That provided an opening for Republican lawmakers to begin proceedings on a measure that would provide funding for nine federal agencies through February. The legislation now heads to the Senate.

In a last-ditch attempt to resolve the impasse this year, Trump and McConnell on Tuesday proposed giving Trump a $1 billion fund that he could use at his discretion for border security.

His morning tweet and spokeswoman's comments Tuesday marked another abrupt reversal for the 45th president, who last week roared at the top two congressional Democrats that he would "take the mantle" and shut down parts of the government unless they gave him $5 billion for his border barrier.

It looks like Christmas will be safe from the Government Shutdown Grinch.

President Donald Trump is attacking Republican leaders in Congress, saying they haven't kept promises that he would get money for his long-promised border wall by year's end. The economy slows. And we lose a lot of money paying people to simply complete the bureaucratic task of shutting down and restarting the government when they would otherwise, you know, be running the government.

-Associated Press writer Alan Fram. Which of these would vote to wipe out the filibuster so that Trump can get a political victory on the border wall - Jeff Flake? Funding will expire for several key government agencies at midnight on Friday.

Trump still must sign a funding bill into law to avert a shutdown of some government agencies. Like Trump, they're facing enormous criticism from high-profile conservatives on an issue that was central to his presidential campaign. While the White House has indicated that Trump is open to reviewing whatever Congress passes, the president hasn't weighed in on the stopgap measure.