New Yorkers baffled as night sky turns blue


Social media lit up on Thursday night, just like the sky over New York City.

Even LaGuardia Airport grounded flights temporarily.

Minutes later, the New York Police Department Chief Terence Monahan said the incident was under control, and said no injuries were reported.

"There was a boom and a bag and a flash of light", said Jim Long from Fire Department New York.

A still from a video shows a fire at the Con Edison facility in Queens.

The freakish sight set off a frenzy on social media, where people reported a power failure at LaGuardia Airport.

Shortly after the explosion, the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey closed La Guardia Airport for "airport inspection", the FAA said in an advisory posted to its website.

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It also caused some flight cancellations and delays but all power and services were restored before midnight local time, Mr McGee said.

The public is being advised to avoid the vicinity of the power plant on 20th Ave and 31st Street.

"Mayor Bill de Blasio's spokesman Eric Philips tweeted: "*Not* aliens. 'Unclear what the cause is. everything (exiting, boarding, security, etc.) is frozen until they figure it out. Looks like departing passengers are being held back until security check points are back up and running'.

"My daughter saw these insane blue lights in sky over Queens from the train!" one user tweeted. Con Ed is evaulating possible power outages.

'The transformer explosion in Astoria was. right outside my window, ' he said.

Many posted videos and photos of the night sky illuminated by a bright light.

"You could hear the roar and see the super white, bright light, " Tebbett said.