Trump makes false claim to troops about pay


On the ground for only about three hours, the American president told the men and women with the U.S. military that Islamic State forces have been vanquished, and he defended his decision against all advice to withdraw U.S. troops from neighboring Syria, He said the U.S. was once again respected as a nation, and declared: "We're no longer the suckers, folks". Trump's pay raise was 2.4 percent, in line with similar raises that have been provided every year over the past decade.

"CNN & others within the Fake News Universe were going wild about my signing MAGA hats for our military in Iraq and Germany", Trump tweeted.

"A U.S. military official told CNN the MAGA hats that Trump signed at the Ramstein Air Base event in Germany were personal and brought there by military personnel in hopes of getting an autograph", CNN reported.

It's reported Trump also wants to reduce the number of United States troops in Afghanistan from 14,000 to 7,000.

Like Trump, Bush and his successor, Barack Obama, saw the utility of appearing before captive uniformed audiences, bound by military discipline to cheer at the appropriate moments for speeches riddled with lies and stupidities in defense of unending wars of aggression opposed by the majority of the population.

"Because now that we have our military taken care of, we have our law enforcement taken care of, we can do things that we really weren't in a position to do when I first came", Trump said in October.

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By injecting a heavy dose of campaign-style rhetoric and partisan optics into this week's holiday visit with troops in Iraq - his first trip to a war zone since taking office - President Donald Trump has once again proved he has no problem blurring the lines between politics and his relationship with the USA military, according to military experts and a top Democratic lawmaker. An Air Force captain carrying a Trump banner also was scrutinized. We could make it 4 percent.' I said, 'No.

A U.S. military official said Thursday that troops did not violate military policy by bringing signs and hats to the events, telling CNN the MAGA hats signed by Trump at the Ramstein event were personal items brought there by military personnel in hopes of getting autographs.

While Trump didn't meet with any officials, he spoke with Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi by phone.

Not to be outdone, Newsweek reported that the White House allegedly revealed the deployment of a Navy SEAL team in Iraq by including footage of the president and First Lady Melania Trump posing with the team in a video posted on Twitter.

He promised a "strong, deliberate and orderly withdrawal" of forces from Syria.

The Iraqi prime minister recently said Iraqi troops could deploy into Syria to protect Iraq from threats across its borders. He later began to signal that such a troop visit was in the offing. But U.S./Iraq relations deteriorated considerably after that. The Pentagon also is said to be developing plans to withdraw up to half of the 14,000 American troops still serving in Afghanistan.