HTC Vive Pro Eye hands-on: first VR headset with eye tracking


Luckily HTC gets a second try.

HTC is rolling out a couple of new (or semi-new, if you prefer) virtual reality headsets, including an updated model of the Vive Pro with built-in eye-tracking. The company can't really compete on the same playing field as Oculus as Facebook ships hardware at seemingly break-even prices, HTC's move seems to therefore sell products that Facebook wouldn't make in the first place. So it is very possible that HTC could announce the VIVE Cosmos at MWC next month. Revealed alongside Cosmos, the "Vive Reality System" reimagines what VR should look like in the age of spatial computing, with fresh ways to display content and transport users between immersive environments.

Enjoying your favorite games with Virtual Reality experience is all one needs today. Tracking cameras seem to be on both the front and sides.

How much will the Vive Cosmos cost?

We didn't get any real specs, regardless. HTC has redesigned the motion controllers and looks identical to Oculus Touch. CES 2019: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, RTX 2080 Graphics Cards Officially Announced For Laptops at Trade Show. By making the headset prioritise graphics based on eye movements, the overall graphics requirements needed to run VR apps is reduced.

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The Vive Pro Eye, a revised version of the Vive Pro, is equipped with eye-tracking hardware. More information should surface in the near future. We saw a Tobii demo last March and were incredibly impressed. Unlike the Vive Pro Eye, the device uses hand controllers, but requires no external sensors placed around the room. What is foveated rendering?

With the introduction of HTC Vive Pro Eye VR headset, gamers of those video games like MLB Home Run Derby VR would not need to use additional controllers to navigate through menus or setting.

That's how it's been for nearly three years now. This will let users download and play any of the 500-plus titles in the new Viveport Infinity library. That's how it's functioned up until now, at least. The new Viveport Infinity subscription now grants access to its massive game library rather than just giving five at a time. No more picking and choosing. Again, pricing has not yet been confirmed, but the subscription service will be available from April 5. VR launchers were a really exciting feature two or three years ago, but in 2019?

HTC recently unveiled at CES 2019 its new innovations in the field of Virtual Reality visors.

At first I thought that was the whole story, a non-issue at best. While it may be a great way to showcase VR content for new users, it's still the price of the headsets themselves that will determine whether HTC can win the escalating VR wars. If that's the case, it's a significant blow to SteamVR - which, for all Valve's flaws, is still probably my favorite (and the most reliable) implementation of a VR storefront. Instead, the Vive Pro Eye will blur those sections of the image, saving processing power.