Watch: Xiren – Not A Love Song


Xiren is a Denver, CO rock “project,” a word used often these days when there is only one person pulling all the strings, started by a guy named Xiren Kenny(pronounced “seer-rin”). His sound melds and bends classic rock, 80s pop and garage, so trying to pin him into a genre more specific than just alternative [...]

CATCALL – ‘The Warmest Place’

CATCALL- The Warmest Place

CATCALL is the moniker of Aussie pop artist Catherine Kelleher, a Sydney-based musician (formerly of DIY punk band Kiosk) who released her debut LP The Warmest Place via Ivy League Records on May 4th, 2012. Out of all the nations that call English their first language; I think Australia might have the hardest time gaining acclaim for its musicians and bands outside its borders [...]

Ryan Renolds as Highlander: The Eightiespocalypse Continues


Any über-nerds reading this may be aware of the Doctor Who storyline in which the Time Lords attempt to transport the planet Gallifrey through time and space to take over the Solar System. Now replace “Time Lords” with “Hollywood”, “the planet Gallifrey” with “the eighties” and “take over the Solar System” with … well that [...]