Nigel Barker: ‘Good Luck Replacing Me on America’s Next Top Model’


As we previously reported, Tyra Banks and the producers of America’s Next Top Model brought down the axe on three long-time judges, Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Jay Alexander. Now Barker is speaking out, telling TMZ that it’s not going to be that easy to replace him. “Good luck to whoever [replaces me]. I would [...]

Tyra(nt) Fires Jay Manual, Miss Jay and Nigel Barker


Jay Manuel, Miss Jay and Nigel Barker are no longer in the running towards becoming judges for season 19 of America’s Next Top Model. According to Page Six, in what just became the biggest bloodbath in the show’s history, producers of the reality competition gave the long-standing cast members the boot, telling them their services [...]

ANTM Recap: Allison’s Got Game


Angelea interviews that while it was sad to see Kayla go, most of the girls wanted Bianca to leave. Angelea says that she’s the All-Star, and I agree. The 48 year old-looking Lisa wins best photo, and she honestly deserved it, who knew portraying Nene Leakes was so difficult? Allison finally gets a story this [...]

ANTM Recap: Bitch Fight!


Previously: The soul of Michael Jackson returned to save Angelea and Lisa from elimination. We returned to the house to find Laura’s picture on the wall, everyone congratulates her, but it looks tiny compared to the panoramic images of Tyra plastered all over the house, no matter how much they try they’ll never be as [...]

ANTM Recap: MJ saves Angelea and Lisa


The girls walk for the Kardashians and channel Michael Jackson for their next photoshoot.

Audience Response to H8R? H8 It.


“H8R”, the CW’s new fall offering and lead-in for “America’s Next Top Model All Stars,”  is no more. Poor ratings caused the network to pull the plug. On the show’s last air date, Oct. 5, its ratings had dropped, in the 18-49 demographic, to 0.4. Reruns of “Ringer” will take its place. It’s possible that what [...]

ANTM Recap: Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer


Last week on Top Model: Isis was sent home, Allison did great and it was revealed that Angelea worked at a bank. We start out with Lisa opening up a bottle of wine. I think we’re in for a good time, but she says she’s not going to drink alcohol since in her cycle she [...]

ANTM Cycle 17 Recap

The insanity is back, and to prove it, this ridiculously delicious commercial was the opening of America’s Next Top Model All-Stars: One by one, the girls start arriving to their luxurious Los Angeles home, a butler gives welcomes them with champagne, and I immediately think that Lisa should not be there. All the models start [...]