To Live is to Die – Cliff Burton Remembered


Sometimes musicians are just too damn good for the Earth to safely contain the hefty magnitude of their greatness, and thus they must be taken from us abruptly and before their time. Such was the case with original Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, who died 26 years ago yesterday (September 27th), following a fateful swapping of tour [...]

Megadeth Celebrate Countdown to Extinction Anniversary with Tour & Reissue


As depressing as it seems for anyone born in the 1990s, it is an unavoidable fact that the decade is rapidly becoming 20 years old. As well as meaning that you’ll soon have to put aside your Pokémon obsession and become a functioning member of society, this revelation is also causing numerous albums that many still think [...]

The Rolling Stones Purported to Play Four Shows This November


‘Keep your eyes peeled’ said The Rolling Stones on their Facebook page last week, in the latest of a series of tantalizing posts telling fans of upcoming news. You could almost imagine Mick, Keith and Ronnie smirking their mischievous, wrinkly grins as the world pondered what it could possibly mean (I left out Charlie Watts as he is substantially less leather-faced), [...]

Celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of OK Computer with some rare Radiohead recordings!


Fifteen years ago (yesterday, but we’ll get to that) Radiohead released their seminal record OK Computer, doing for the electro rock combination what Miles Davis did for Jazz fusion in Bitches Brew. Much like Bitches Brew, OK Computer now has an influence that is at once difficult to gauge and impossible to ignore. I decided [...]

Jack White Releases First Ever 3 RPM Vinyl

In celebration of Third Man Records’ third anniversary, Jack White decided to create something the music world has never seen before: a 3 RPM record. For those who are unfamiliar with records, this means the record spins at a rate of three revolutions per minute. If it wasn’t obvious already, this is virtually impossible to [...]

IPod: Ten Years of Innovation from Steve Jobs

The Current IPod Family

It’s been ten years since the announcement of the first generation IPod. Sadly, Steve Jobs, the innovative mind behind the device that changed the world died Wednesday unexpectedly just over a month away from the tenth anniversary of the IPods release.