Review: Future Islands @ the EARL


In the crevice of the cool Saturday night air of a windy, post-Thanksgiving weekend, Baltimore trio Future Islands take allotted time for a show at the E.A.R.L. in East Atlanta, not terribly far from where they met and this whole musical thing began [as college friends in Greenville, NC]. Frontman Samuel T. Herring bookends the [...]

Interview: Luiza Sá of CSS


With only four more stops left on the U.S. tour calendar this year, CSS is wrapping things up to head to Europe next, where they’ll continue trekking the globe in support of their third full-length record, La Liberación, which came out just two months ago. Tonally different, that record harnesses elements which are tied to [...]

The Brian Jonestown Massacre to Release 10th Album


The Brian Jonestown Massacre is set to release their tenth studio album, “Who Killed SGT Pepper?”, on February 23rd. The musical commune that makes up The Brian Jonestown Massacre has been composed of many respected musicians over the years; including artists that have moved on to other band formations.