Interview with Jeff Klein on My Jerusalem and Preachers


Jeff Klein, I think it’s fair to say, is a well travelled musician. Having worked with artists as diverse as Ani DiFranco and The Gutter Twins, he’s also enjoyed a long-running solo career and frequent touring. In 2009 he joined forces with Cully Symington, Ashley Dzerigian, Rick Nelson and Dave Rosser to form the band [...]

Bryan Ellis – Cloud of Unknowing EP

Bryan Ellis

On his debut EP, Cloud of Unknowing, a blue-eyed, fresh-faced singer, musician and New York transplant named Bryan Ellis mixes devastating vocals with savvy and soulful R&B, a helping of dubstep, crackerjack production, and an accomplished Bon Iver cover. What comes to fruition over the course of Ellis’ debut release is a self-assured voice with [...]

LA Weekly Name Bon Iver as the ‘Worst Hipster Act’


In an article published on LA Weekly earlier today, Bon Iver was named ‘Worst Hipster Act’ amongst a list of twenty other bands, including Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie and the Black Keys. The article has stirred a great deal of annoyance, not only by the general viewing public via Twitter, but also by [...]

The Flaming Lips – The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends

The Flaming Lips

[One Perspective] The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends is the sound of a beloved band not giving a shit, throwing harmony and traditional song construction into the wind and appearing to see just how many childlike indulgences they can get away with unscathed and admired. The majority of the reviews scattered around the internet find [...]

Bon Iver to release EP next week

Well, it seems the old Bonny Bear just won’t call it quits. Next week, on Tuesday the 19th (before their collaboration with The Flaming Lips is even due to be released) Bon Iver are scheduled to release a new, seven-track EP. No, sadly, it’s not the no-doubt-to-be-phenominal collaboration with Astronautalis, but a live EP simply [...]

You should Be Watching the Coachella Re-broadcast


With all this Readng and Glastonbury announcement nonsense, I totally forgot about Coachella, until (honestly) last night. I hope on this morning to the happy discovery that Coachella are generously re-broadcasting the acts that have already played for their lovely internet friends. I decided to see what was being broadcast on their three available channels, [...]

Justin Vernon to Record Album with Astronautalis


  According to the Minneapolis City Pages, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver/Gayngs/Volcano Choir will start recording a new album this week in collaboration with Astronautalis. Pardon my french, but fuck me, this isn’t something anyone should miss. Should the world end in 2012, I just hope to whatever higher being there is/isn’t, I get to hear [...]

More Facebook Stupidity, Bon Iver in the Lead


A few explosively overrated whiny contributions to taint our music industry, a couple of songs for whales to mate to and undeserved Grammys later, Bon Iver is still at it, this time giving away tickets on Facebook. I have to say, the prize package is pretty enticing – a night’s hotel stay, dinner and a [...]