Video: New Street Fighter X Tekken Cinematic Trailer


Today, Capcom and Namco has released a  new trailer for their new joint fighting game “Street Fighter X Tekken”. Along with the super awesome, super dramatic trailer, they’ve also revealed six new characters, including Street Fighter’s Balrog, Vega and Juri, and Tekken’s Paul, Law and Xiaoyu. Watch the clips below.   This game is set to be [...]

Video: Asura’s Wrath Demo Available for PS3 and XBL


The demo for Capcom’s forthcoming action game, Asura’s Wrath is now available for PS3 and XBL. The demo contains two episodes of the game, which allows you to face-off against two enemies, the planet-sized, arrogant boss Wyzen and Asura’s old master. Asura’s Wrath will be released February 21, 2011 in North America and February 24 in Europe.

Method Man making Video Game based on Sour Patch Kids.


Damn it Meth! I forget about you for what, a month and this happens? Jeez. The video below acts as an announcement of sorts. It seems that Cheese Wagstaff from The Wire really is making a video game, and it’s about The Sour Patch Kids. No, not the dolls – those are Cabbage Patch Kids. [...]