Interview: Ben Pokol from Elk


On the day of the release of Elk’s second full-length LP, Daydreams, I spoke with Ben Pokol, bassist for the Niagara region rock and roll band that gloriously cranks out three-minute songs with a classic garage rock foothold and unshakable pop melodies. The band should prove to be a welcome presence for any rock and [...]

Interview: Christian Ledwell of Milks & Rectangles

Milks & Rectangles

Christian Ledwell, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist for Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island indie rock band Milks & Rectangles, spoke with me about the Canadian music scene, working day-jobs, the necessity of constructive criticism and the genius of FILM CRIT HULK and Chuck Klosterman, among other things. If you don’t know Milks & Rectangles (and, sadly, you [...]