Review: Class Actress @ Center Stage, Atlanta


Since just before the release of Class Actress’ debut EP, Journal of Ardency, in January of 2011, I’ve been paying close attention. The pop simplicity, wrapped up in simple, talented vocals and analog synth production techniques give the group a signature sound. Because the members, I believe, condition and push themselves in a very respectable, [...]

SXSW 2012, Friday March 16


The first thing I got up and out for Friday was Of Monsters and Men at Filter Magazine’s Showdown on Cedar Street at 1:00pm. Showing up about five minutes past the hour, the courtyard was completely packed. People flowed up and out onto the street, and I quickly determined that getting down into the action [...]

Band to Watch: Wild Belle


Wild Belle is Natalie Bergman and Elliot Bergman. I don’t know a whole lot about the duo, except that they’re from Chicago and they have a new 12” single out today. Word on the street is that the two have played in bands and projects before, and that former bandmates of theirs help to fill [...]

Review: Class Actress @ the E.A.R.L.


Elizabeth Harper’s vocals are rich on record and, live, come out maybe thicker. They’re reverbed out, but not delayed too much, so the sound becomes thick but not tricky, warmer even. Scott Rosenthal maintains beats and punches synths through an antique piece of musical mystery (to me, at least) that is bound and held by [...]