Crystal Castles Reveal Album Details and Drop New Track


It’s a well known fact that Crystal Castles aren’t a fan of clarity. Naming both of their albums Crystal Castles, the Gothic electro duo have continued in the same vein, dropping their new track Plague without any forewarning, or as to whether the song’s set to appear on the band’s new album. You can listen [...]

Listen: Crystal Castles Debut New Track at Parklife

crystal castles

Crystal Castles debuted a new, untitled track at the Parklife Weekender festival in Manchester last Saturday. A fan video recently surfaced with a clip of the mysterious cut from their also untitled, but supposedly still upcoming, third album. The track is much less abrasive than the material off of “Crystal Castles II.” The duo explore [...]

SXSW 2012, Saturday night March 17

White Ring

My final night at SXSW 2012 began with me watching Atlanta’s Board of Whores perform. The band consists of two guys who are the real deal when it comes to rockers. Willis Corley plays crunchy, thick punk rock guitar licks live, over an underbelly of programmed beats and sequences that he brings to the stage. [...]

Crystal Castles’ Third Record & New Video


Today Crystal Castles announced that their third LP was in the making, and that it’s set for release this summer on Fiction Records. The band – Alice Glass and Ethan Kath – are recording in Warsaw, Poland this time, their first time in a studio since working on (II), their award-winning [see below] sophomore full-length, [...]

SXSW 2012 Schedule Up Today!


Quick, all you uber music fans out there scramble to get your SXSW 2012 personal schedules together. Today marked the release of the official schedule and, with it, some band and artist names that weren’t previously included on the ‘to-play’ list. I won’t lie; I started working on my schedule a month ago. But I [...]

Review: Uh Huh Her @ Vinyl


The drummer’s on spot and on cue right off the bat for the early week (last week, Tuesday, to be exact) Uh Huh Her show at Vinyl. Thank you for having him, that live drummer, ladies – him being Josh Kane. Kane has toured with Pink, among others, and obviously has a knack for kicking [...]

Best Indie Records of 2010


While getting such a rounded number as 25 wasn’t exactly the goal here, that’s how many ‘best’ indie records of 2010 I’d like to mention. As a disclaimer, this is not a reflection of The Silver Tongue indie team’s collective opinion, but a mere listing of the records that I, personally, have enjoyed the most [...]

Review: Crystal Castles @ Masquerade


The instant I heard Crystal Castles might tour through Atlanta this year, I made it a personal quest to get close enough to look into the eyes of Alice Glass. To be so young and so successfully still while being pointed from all sides as a cult icon (present perfect) is fascinating enough. The music [...]