WIN WIN – Double Vision


WIN WIN are an Electronica band featuring producers Alex Epton and Chris Devlin, who have a rather interesting goal. The duo are interested in creating music that “supplement[s] the auditory stimuli with a visual element that shifts with the mood of the music”. They aim to accomplish this with the help of video collagist Ghostdad [...]

SSION Tour Starts Today, Brings Dance Party To Chicago On October 9th


Cody Critcheloe is the mustachioed maestro behind SSION (pronounced “shun”), the electro-pop group whose music should come with a warning label: you will get weird on the dance floor until the sun comes up. While the band’s existence can be traced back to Critcheloe’s high school days in mid-90s Kansas City, his recent move to [...]

Listen: St. Lucia – September


Today Brooklyn-based digital-pop wizard St. Lucia premiered the title track off upcoming EP September (September 25th release) via Pitchfork. A long-overdue debut LP is due out in early 2013 on Columbia, a delightful bit of news for anyone who has heard the pop perfection of other tracks like “Before The Dive” and “Closer Than This,” or his [...]

Listen: deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way – ‘Professional Griefers’


Dance artist / horrific, rodent-based acid hallucination deadmau5 has released a new track, and it features My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way on vocals. The track, ‘Professional Griefers’ is confirmed to be released in September. Way, who is married to Lyn-Z, the bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence, is no stranger to a raucous, electronic beat (or however it [...]

CATCALL – ‘The Warmest Place’

CATCALL- The Warmest Place

CATCALL is the moniker of Aussie pop artist Catherine Kelleher, a Sydney-based musician (formerly of DIY punk band Kiosk) who released her debut LP The Warmest Place via Ivy League Records on May 4th, 2012. Out of all the nations that call English their first language; I think Australia might have the hardest time gaining acclaim for its musicians and bands outside its borders [...]

Video: Breakdance Competition A3C 2011


During the last day of A3C they decided to host a never ending break dance competition. Crews came from all over to dance aimlessly for the grand prize of bragging rights. It was like watching You Got Serve, minus the terrible script and Rodger from Sister Sister. Below is some footage I shot from the event, not the [...]

Stokeswood’s Carassia Envelops with Rhythmic Bliss

stokeswood carassia

Stokeswood’s Carassia presents a mix that fully envelops the listener in rhythmic bliss.  They call to mind great bands like The Beatles, U2, and Coldplay, meanwhile adding their own jazz and Latin musical flavors to create a delightful sound, wholly unique.

Stokeswood's Carassia Envelops with Rhythmic Bliss