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Watch David Lynch’s New NSFW Video for “Crazy Clown Time”


David Lynch has released his self-directed, seven-minute, NSFW video for  the title track off his album Crazy Clown Time. The video depicts a strange outdoor party with a football player, a naked woman, a guy with a mohawk and a few others. Watch below.

Review: Miracles of Modern Science @ Drunken Unicorn


It was a great surprise, since I’d missed them at SXSW, to come home and have the opportunity to see Miracles of Modern Science play for the first time at one of my favorite local venues. I didn’t know much about the Brooklyn five-piece before the show. All I could conjure up was a crossbred [...]

Listen: Zola Jesus – “In Our Nature” (David Lynch Remix)

Zola Jesus

If you are a fan of pop idol Zola Jesus or bizarre film idol David Lynch, then there is a remix floating about with your name on it! Today, Zola released a remix of her track “In Our Nature” remixed by the Crazy Clown Time man himself. Check it out below and let us know [...]

Listen: David Lynch Mixtape


For those of us who are avid David Lynch fans (or freaks, for lack of a better word), the release date is fast approaching for his solo debut, Crazy Clown Time. While we sit at our computer screens eagerly awaiting more tracks to leak, it is almost as if nothing will satiate our hunger for [...]

Listen to David Lynch’s Entire Album Online


David Lynch’s forthcoming album, Crazy Clown Time, is currently streaming in it’s entirety at NPR. Click here to check it out. You can also listen to Pinky’s Dream, his collab with Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen O here. Crazy Clown Time drops November 8th via Sunday Best Recordings.

Listen: David Lynch (ft. Karen O) – Pinky’s Dream


As previously reported, David Lynch’s new record, Crazy Clown Time, which will be released through Sunday Best Recordings on 11/08/11, but in the meantime you can check out Pinky’s Dream, his collaboration with Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer woman Karen O. Take a listen to the track below and let us know what you think in [...]

Video Trailer for New David Lynch Record


As a followup to Sam’s blog, I wanted to share the video trailer for David Lynch’s new record, Crazy Clown Time, which will be released through Sunday Best Recordings on 11/08/11. Aside from his filmmaking notoriety, Lynch has previously solidified his songwriting/recording status (as if he needed to) by working with such artists as Angelo [...]

Review: Ladytron – “Gravity The Seducer”


Another highly anticipated record of the year from one of my favorite bands came out last week. And though I have a perfectly crafted press release regarding Gravity The Seducer’s release and Ladytron’s supporting tour of it, I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t live with this record for a week and share [...]