Live Review: Dawes at Cannery Ballroom

Dawes Cannery Ballroom 3

Occasionally, there are certain bands you’ve heard about for years and all your peers enjoy, but you yourself have yet to take the time to check out. It’s not because you aren’t interested, but simply because sometimes it’s easier to stay under your respective rock than tackling a new catalogue. For me, Dawes is one [...]

Blake Mills to play Ryman Auditorium July 12th

Blake Mills

At 25, Blake Mills has accomplished more than most singer-songwriters achieve in a lifetime. Starting out with the group Simon Dawes (which later became Dawes after Mills’ departure), he honed his guitar skills alongside this California-based rock outfit. Soon after their 2006 debut, Carnivore, Mills called it quits and took to the road with hopes [...]

Mumford & Sons Announce Gentleman of the Road Stopovers

Mumford & Sons Gentleman of the Road Stopovers

Mumford & Sons have announced a series of Gentleman of the Road Stopovers to be held this August in four carefully-selected locations across the States. The band has said these single-day, outdoor Stopovers will combine the intimacy of a community celebration with all the excitement of a world-class music festival. Look for the Stopovers to [...]