Top 25 albums of 2011


Our very talented writer James Brightman recently wrote up his top 20 albums of the year, and fellow writer and long time friend of mine Michael Starr is about to write his. All due respect to those two, but neither of them know what they’re talking about and this is definitely the right list and [...]

Watch: Dreamers of the Ghetto, Enemy/Lover diary


It’s been a while since Dreamers of the Ghetto released Enemy/Lover, but it’s an album that still epresents one of my most listened to of 2011.  In my interview with Luke Jones of the band got pretty in-depth at points, outlining the evolution of a few songs as well as the origins of the bands [...]

Listen: Dreamers of the Ghetto cover Depeche Mode


I know, I know. I’m certainly talking about these fellas a lot lately. I can’t help it, it’s well-founded and highly justified infatuation! That said, I’ve never found myself bonding particularly with Depeche Mode. I don’t feel negatively towards them, they’ve just always slipped by me. They didn’t slip by The Dreamers, though. Below you [...]

Silver Tongue Interview: Luke Jones of Dreamers of the Ghetto


TST talks to Luke Jones, frontman of Dreamers of the Ghetto.

Review: Dreamers of the Ghetto – Enemy/Lover


Little is known about the rock group Dreamers of the Ghetto. In fact, most of what I know about them is what I was able to intuit from their début, “Enemy/Lover”. I would guess that they work incredibly hard on their music, that they have a a great appreciation and understanding of their craft and [...]