Bryan Ellis – Cloud of Unknowing EP

Bryan Ellis

On his debut EP, Cloud of Unknowing, a blue-eyed, fresh-faced singer, musician and New York transplant named Bryan Ellis mixes devastating vocals with savvy and soulful R&B, a helping of dubstep, crackerjack production, and an accomplished Bon Iver cover. What comes to fruition over the course of Ellis’ debut release is a self-assured voice with [...]

Listen: Muse’s new dubstep-esque track “Unsustainable”

Above, you can listen to Muse’s new track “Unsustainable” from their upcoming release The 2nd Law.  This was the track included in the album trailer a while back that got everyone in a tizzy, but honestly, when listening to the track it simply sounds like a continuation of the kinds of guitar effects Bellamy was [...]

KahBang Festival Announces Full 2012 Lineup. Headliners include Bassnectar, Deftones, and Wale

Kahbang Music Festival

“We party like it’s the end of the world” is the Epicurean, fist-pumping tagline for KahBang Festival, a four-day celebration of music, art, and film in Bangor, Maine. The festival takes place August 9th-12th and includes headliners Bassnectar, Deftones, and Wale, as well as a large number of smaller, up-and-coming artists ripe for discovery. Unlike [...]

In the Future, all music will be made by The Wubmachine


Or; I dubstep remixed a Skrillex song ten times. In the very first podcast I recorded for you people, I stood before you, naked and humbled, and defended dubstep as a legitimate form of music. I had not then, nor have I since, ever listened to a dubstep song in its entirety. Not even ones [...]

Muse release an “album trailer” featuring a dubstep song.


Haha, what? Wait, is this a real thing? It looks pretty real. Well, wow. Okay, there you go. The official Youtube page for the band Muse recently released the above “trailer” for their upcoming album, The 2nd Law. The trailer starts off with some pretty-if-shallow choir music that builds at a predictable rate to a [...]