TouchTunes will Release The Beatles’ Music on Digital Jukeboxes


Apple Corps Ltd., EMI Music, and TouchTunes Interactive Networks announced that The Beatles catalog will be featured across TouchTunes's network of over 50,000 digital jukeboxes. TouchTunes will add the legendary band's 13 studio albums on digital jukeboxes across North America on April 1. In addition to the studio albums, TouchTunes will also make available The Beatles' two-volume 'Past Masters' compilation, the classic 'Red' and 'Blue' collections, the '1' hits collection, and the 'LOVE' … [Read more...]

Pink Floyd Albums Removed From Online Retailers


Pink Floyd has shown in the past just how serious they are about their music and royalties, so this should not come as a surprise to anyone. A number of Pink Floyd's albums have been yanked from internet retailers after distribution deal with their record label ran out. According to Contactmusic.com, albums including The Wall, Animals, Wish You Were Here and The Final Cut, have been removed from online digital stores due to the expiration of their contract with music giant EMI, which came … [Read more...]

Pink Floyd Wins Court Battle VS EMI


Pink Floyd won the court battle Thursday with EMI in a ruling that forbids the record company from selling single tracks on the Internet from the group's concept albums. EMI was bound by a contract that stated they can only sell Pink Floyd’s records as complete albums. Despite this, EMI had allowed some tracks for online downloads to be used as ringtones. The record company justified this by arguing that the contract applied to physical records and not online distribution. EMI now has … [Read more...]

Abbey Road Granted Historical Status


Cultural minister Margaret Hodge accepted the recommendation of English Heritage – a public body within the U.K. government that oversees buildings of historic interest – to upgrade the studios to historical status, according to London’s Times. Abbey Road has been in the news since last week when Financial Times reported that record label EMI was trying to sell the property.  Such reports caused dismay among music fans and incited music celebs such as Paul McCartney to urge the … [Read more...]

Revitalization Plans Underway for Abbey Road


EMI released a statement saying Abbey Road studios should stay under its ownership and is no longer up for sale. The building was originally placed on the market to raise funds for the large debt accumulated in recent years. EMI bought the property in the plush Saint John's Wood area of north London for 100,000 pounds in 1929. It remains a popular destination for Beatles fans visiting the capital to this day. Reports that the property might be sold led to a Facebook campaign to try to save … [Read more...]

Abbey Road on the Market


The long and winding road is apparently taking a sharp turn with the onset of the digital age.  Abbey Road studios, made famous by the Beatles album of the same name, has been placed on the market by EMI. The Beatles put the studios on the map, using it for 90 per cent of their recordings between 1962 and 1969.  EMI used the studios for last year’s release of remastered Beatles albums. Abbey Road is still prized as one of the few venues able to accommodate entire orchestras, which has … [Read more...]

Selena’s Legacy Celebrated with the Release of ‘La Leyenda’ March 9


It's been 15 years since her tragic and untimely death, but this spring Capitol Latin/EMI and family's Q-Productions will celebrate the life and legacy of Latin music superstar Selena by releasing  "La Leyenda" ('The Legend'), a new career-spanning collection of Selena's music, in multiple CD and digital download configurations. La Leyenda will be released on March 9th. La Leyenda features all of Selena's hits. The box set includes 82 tracks on four CDs, grouped by musical style, language … [Read more...]

Selena's Legacy Celebrated with the Release of 'La Leyenda' March 9

It's been 15 years since her tragic and untimely death, but this spring Capitol Latin/EMI and family's Q-Productions will celebrate the life and legacy of Latin music superstar Selena by releasing … [Read more...]