More Facebook Stupidity, Bon Iver in the Lead


A few explosively overrated whiny contributions to taint our music industry, a couple of songs for whales to mate to and undeserved Grammys later, Bon Iver is still at it, this time giving away tickets on Facebook. I have to say, the prize package is pretty enticing – a night’s hotel stay, dinner and a $500 gift card in Vegas, even though you can expect the laborious disadvantage of having to attend one of those extended sleeper sessions the guy likes to call a live show. Don’t get me … [Read more...]

Killswitch Engage Looks for Howard Jones’ Replacement on Facebook


Last week the Weeknd posted a message on his Facebook page looking for touring band members, and now Killswitch Engage has followed suit, using Facebook as one means to find their new singer. Killswitch Engage parted ways with longtime singer Howard Jones last week, and yesterday the band offered fans, via their Facebook page, a chance to audition, posting: "We've been getting a lot of inquiries about the KsE singer position. If you are interested, please send an MP3 or a song link, a photo … [Read more...]

Former Danzig Bassist Harassed By Facebook Friend


Sometimes you make a friend on Facebook and sometimes you meet crazy people who terrorize you. It's the latter for former Danzig bassist Jerry Montano. TMZ reports, Montano filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court to obtain a restraining order against Priscilla Caputo. Montano says he initially spoke to Caputo on faceook, meeting her through a friend, and then Caputo spent the night at his house on December 5. Caputo spent another night at his house on December 11, and two days later, … [Read more...]

Kelly Clarkston Blasted Over Pro-Ron Paul Comments


Kelly Clarkston is a supporter of Ron Paul, and the singer let it be known on her Facebook page last night. But while endorsing the Republican presidential hopeful, her seemingly harmless comments sparked a wave of criticism from her fans, some of who accused Paul of racism and homophobia. Clarkston posted, "I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance," Kelly posted last night. "If he wins the nomination for the Republican party in … [Read more...]

Jazz Psalmist Todd Ledbetter Takes Jazz to Church


Jazz was born in the United States. It appears to be dying here as well, or becoming a shadow of its former self. But saxophonist Todd Ledbetter and others of his ilk, such as Harold Rayford and Vernard Johnson among others, have given jazz a not so new partner that could revive it. According to Terrence Richburg, "The origins of gospel jazz are as familiar as any other form of musical expression. Just as the separate styles gospel and jazz were born out of the deep emotional experiences … [Read more...]

50 Cent Feeds 1 Million Children With Facebook Likes

Rapper 50 Cent has joined forces with the World Food Programme to supply one meal to a starving child in per "like" on the Facebook page of his new energy drink venture, Street King. This campaign lasts for the next 3 days and his goal is to supply 1 million meals, with the ultimate goal of feeding 1 billion children worldwide through this partnership. Click HERE to visit the Facebook page and like it to provide a meal for a starving child. … [Read more...]

Listen: Primus’ Entire New Album Streaming Now

Green Naugahyde

In preparation for the release of Primus’ ninth studio album, Green Naugahyde, the band is streaming the new record in its entirety on South Park’s Facebook page.  Accredited with writing/performing the theme song of the fifteen year old cartoon show, it makes perfect sense that Primus, Stone, and Parker would join forces to unleash a record over eleven years in the making. … [Read more...]

Justin Timberlake Buys a Piece of MySpace

Vanity Fair AMPED Pre Oscar Benefit

Pioneer social networking site MySpace was just sold for $35 million, and now its buyer has recruited Justin Timberlake to help revive it. The pop star and actor has accepted a stake in the company, as well as an office and even a small staff. This move is just a bit ironic as he recently portrayed Sean Parker, founder of Napster and an investor in Facebook, in The Social Network. The new owners, called Specific Media, will be working with Timberlake to focus on MySpace's potential as an … [Read more...]