Charlize Theron Gets her Phone Hacked by Funny or Die Crew


Celebrities everywhere have been victims to phone hacking, but Charlize Theron is definitely the funniest victim of them all. Funny or Die has “released” several videos that were inside Charlize Theron’s phone, and now, they’re ready for world consumption. The actress forgets her mobile on the FoD offices, prompting the staff to upload the videos [...]

Watch: James Mercer with Funny or Die

James Mercer

Although The Shins recently released the video for “Simple Song”, James Mercer has another trick up his sleeve. Alongside the folks at Funny or Die, Mercer guest stars in a video titled “Clapping Butter”. The video, a mere two minutes, involves Mercer trying to capture the perfect clap, eventually finding aid in what the video [...]

David Neher: The King of (Cameo) Comedy

David Neher

If you’re a fan of comedies you’ve probably encountered this weirdly awesome face named David Neher, an actor who, just this season, scored roles in Community, Modern Family and New Girl. In Community, Neher played the ridiculously understanding Todd, a guy who inadvertently divided the study group due to his turtle-saving skills and over-the -top [...]