Interview: William Cashion of Future Islands


As you might guess, I’m a pretty big fan of Future Islands. I became aware of the trio’s existence just before their LP, In Evening Air, came out in 2010. Their consistent touring habits and push to create and release interesting, uniquely styled, emotionally driven, danceable, electro-gelled tunes keeps me on edge, and has rightfully [...]

Review: Future Islands @ the EARL


In the crevice of the cool Saturday night air of a windy, post-Thanksgiving weekend, Baltimore trio Future Islands take allotted time for a show at the E.A.R.L. in East Atlanta, not terribly far from where they met and this whole musical thing began [as college friends in Greenville, NC]. Frontman Samuel T. Herring bookends the [...]

Best Indie Records of 2010


While getting such a rounded number as 25 wasn’t exactly the goal here, that’s how many ‘best’ indie records of 2010 I’d like to mention. As a disclaimer, this is not a reflection of The Silver Tongue indie team’s collective opinion, but a mere listing of the records that I, personally, have enjoyed the most [...]