Goldfrapp Announces a Greatest Hits Album, New Single


Their songs can be considered party anthems, fragile lullabies or plain experimental. Maybe all of that combined makes one Goldfrapp, and she’s announced a new singles album due for release February 6 2012. The album will include their biggest hits like A&E, Ooh La La, Number 1 and Cherry, among others, in their first ever [...]

Review: Ladytron – “Gravity The Seducer”


Another highly anticipated record of the year from one of my favorite bands came out last week. And though I have a perfectly crafted press release regarding Gravity The Seducer’s release and Ladytron’s supporting tour of it, I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t live with this record for a week and share [...]

Best Indie Records of 2010


While getting such a rounded number as 25 wasn’t exactly the goal here, that’s how many ‘best’ indie records of 2010 I’d like to mention. As a disclaimer, this is not a reflection of The Silver Tongue indie team’s collective opinion, but a mere listing of the records that I, personally, have enjoyed the most [...]