Harriet – Tell the Right Story


Alex Casnoff, the man behind Harriet, has spoken candidly of the inspiration narrative has had on the creation of Tell the Right Story; the title itself enough of a clue. The five tracks on the EP all focus around characters with something of a rift inside them, from the guilt and anger infused breakup of "I Slept with All Your Mothers" to the tragic tale of a murdered child in heaven asking for his friends because, "heaven's a little slow," on "Send 'Em Up." Perhaps it seems cliché to have an … [Read more...]

Grizzly Bear’s Blue Valentine Soundtrack Arrives


With the release of Blue Valentine, comes a soundtrack with a whole lot of Grizzly Bear. Back in 2009 Pitchfork reported that the indie Brooklyn based band were going to contribute to the film, Blue Valentine and now with the due date being February 1, dreams seem to be coming true. According to The Playlist the band didn’t have enough time to contribute original music to the film when the release date was moved up. In its place are instrumental versions of already existing Grizzly Bear … [Read more...]

Best of 2009: Top 25 Indie Songs


Keeping up with the year’s independent releases is a daunting task, but also among my favorite constant activities.  Oodles of great music have come out this year, and because some of my favorites have been singles, I decided to focus on songs, rather than albums. Besides that, the introduction to an artist always begins with a single song, so I felt compelled to deliver to you the song that I consider could turn you on to the album within which it resides.  In deciding which songs to … [Read more...]