RIAA to Limewire: 72 Trillion Dollars Please


The Recording Industry Association of America has halted all attempts at modesty and concealed rage when attacking ex-file-sharing giant LimeWire, which was shut down in late 2010; claiming they’re owed $72 trillion in damages. That is, in layman’s terms, literally all the money in the world. Judge Kimba Woods, who is presiding over the case, unsurprisingly called the [...]

Testament Guitarist Ask Fans To Stay Away From Illegal Downloads


Ever since the arrival of Napster and the resulting fallout with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, musicians have understandably taken issue with illegal downloads. Now Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has struck out at the digital black market in a statement on his official website. It seems the guitarist, who formerly played in Savatage and also fronts the [...]