Interview with Jeff Klein on My Jerusalem and Preachers


Jeff Klein, I think it’s fair to say, is a well travelled musician. Having worked with artists as diverse as Ani DiFranco and The Gutter Twins, he’s also enjoyed a long-running solo career and frequent touring. In 2009 he joined forces with Cully Symington, Ashley Dzerigian, Rick Nelson and Dave Rosser to form the band [...]

My Jerusalem – Preachers


My Jerusalem have always seemed like kind of a super group. Featuring Jeff Klein, touring member of and Dave Rosser, permanent member of the Twilight Singers, Ashley Dzerigian of Great Northern, Rick Nelson of the Polyphonic Spree and Cully Symington of Bishop Allen. It’s like a Marvel Team-Up comic except it skips the boring staples [...]

Everybody Listen! “Sleepwalking – Refurbished”


Welcome to The Underground (or Notes from the Underground if you’re a Dostoyevsky nerd), a new weekly segment in which I examine the very best in unsigned, undiscovered and underground music. It’s my goal to highlight and hopefully promote talented artists who have yet to receive the attention they deserve. If you know a band [...]

Concert Review: My Jerusalem at The Lexington

My Jerusalem 2

Is it fair to call My Jerusalem a super-group? I’ve always thought so. Fronted by Jeff Klein and featuring fellow Twilight Singers alumni Dave Rosser, the band also includes Rick Nelson of the Polyphonic Spree, Cully Symington of Bishop Allen and Ashley Dzerigian of Great Nothern. To me, the prospect of these people sitting down [...]