Watch: of Montreal – Dour Percentage


Two days ago of Montreal released their eleventh studio album, Paralytic Stalks, and yesterday the outfit made their way to Jimmy Fallon. Performing the single, “Dour Percentage,” the live antics, albeit still colorful and eccentric, appeared far more toned down than prior shows. Check out our review of Paralytic Stalks here, and watch the video below! … [Read more...]

of Montreal – Paralytic Stalks

Paralytic Stalks

There comes a time in every band’s life – assuming their span is an appropriate length – when the infamous breakthrough album occurs. To prepare for such an event, artists will go to great lengths in attempt to make said “groundbreaker” the most accessible possible. Whether through attitude, content, or mere presentation, many a group wrestle with how to present themselves to the bloodthirsty mainstream. For of Montreal, a band who has relished in a track record of over ten albums, … [Read more...]

Of Montreal Feature Solange Knowles and Others on New Album


In an interview done for Stereogum, Kevin Barnes, of Montreal honcho, states that the band is recording a new album with Jon Brion to will depart from their last effort, Skeletal Lamping.  The band intends to shift toward presenting funk and R&B influences on the new record, likely to be called False Priest. Solange, Beyonce's little sister is set to contribute vocals on the new album, as is R&B artist Janelle Monae ("and one or two others"). For a clip of one of the new tracks … [Read more...]