Record Store Day 2012 Release List Revealed


Alright audiophiles, time to gather ‘round and check out the list for this year’s Record Store Day. Set for April 21st, we are within the month window for the vinyl-collector holiday. For the sake of tastefully-sized articles, go to the RSD official site to check out the full list of releases. Some points of interest [...]

Top 25 albums of 2011


Our very talented writer James Brightman recently wrote up his top 20 albums of the year, and fellow writer and long time friend of mine Michael Starr is about to write his. All due respect to those two, but neither of them know what they’re talking about and this is definitely the right list and [...]

Five Bands We’re Okay With Seeing Go


Last week was like any other week. I had my daily routines, discussed plans to pick up a free television with my roommates, and went to work.  Never in a thousand years did the thought of R.E.M. breaking up run through my mind, but this is exactly how the day’s events worked out.  R.E.M. was [...]