Live Review: Avishai Cohen Trio at Ronnie Scott’s


Avishai Cohen is often referred to as one of the best bassists in the world. Partly for his speed, partly for his incredible showmanship – but in my eyes, what makes Avishai so great is the principle quality of every master bass player: his ability to adapt. Avishai has a downright perfect sense of timbre [...]

Live Review: Stars in Indianapolis – Deluxe at Old National Centre, 10/4/12


Let’s just put it out there up front:  On Thursday night, Stars delivered what is guaranteed to be one of the best performances to hit Indianapolis this year. Stars, who for more than a decade have been Montreal’s (if not North America’s) finest purveyors of exquisitely crafted heartbreak pop, were in the fullest command of [...]

Live Review: Zammuto at The Basement

Zammuto The Basement

Back in June, The Books’ former half Nick Zammuto opened for Explosions in the Sky at the historic Ryman Auditorium. Replacing Paul de Jong with an arsenal of top-notch musicians and a solo moniker, Zammuto rebounded from The Books’ breakup with astounding tact. I had the opportunity to talk with him back during their first [...]

Live Review: Reptar at Lincoln Hall


To quote the bespectacled hipster next to me who was too busy rubbing his goatee to dance, Reptar’s set opening for Rubblebucket at Lincoln Hall this past Tuesday was nothing short of “very impressive.”  Reptar is an Athens-based synth pop band with spastic live chops and a colorful sound that will leave your brain spinning and [...]

Live Review: Lucero in Indianapolis at The Vogue


Memphis rock and roll underdog heroes Lucero rolled into Indianapolis on Thursday for the first night of a new blitz of tour dates. Such a night is nothing new for the band of legitimate road warriors, a collective who have played upwards of 200 shows a year since their inaugural set back way back in [...]

Live Review: Dawes at Cannery Ballroom

Dawes Cannery Ballroom 3

Occasionally, there are certain bands you’ve heard about for years and all your peers enjoy, but you yourself have yet to take the time to check out. It’s not because you aren’t interested, but simply because sometimes it’s easier to stay under your respective rock than tackling a new catalogue. For me, Dawes is one [...]

Live Review: System of a Down at The Verizon Center, D.C.


As lights flash to the opening, discordant riff of “Prison Song,” the first track of the band’s 2001’s album Toxicity, the shadows of the Armenian-American fourpiece that is System of a Down can be seen, obscured, through the giant curtain that covers the stage. As the introduction continues in its irregular rhythm, tantalizing the crowd with [...]

Live Review: Sweet Billy Pilgrim at Bush Hall


Sweet Billy Pilgrim are having quite the year, critically. Their 2012 release, Crown and Treaty, has sailed towards the top of the highest ranked albums released this year on Metacritic*. On top of that, I can quite easily see their tour receiving high praise – their show at Bush Hall was a surprising, memorable, fun [...]