Lana Del Rey, GQ and Sex versus Sexuality in Music


This Tuesday, Lana Del Rey was named GQ’s Woman of the Year. She appeared on the cover of the magazine alongside Mad Men actor Johnn Slattery, James Corden, Robbie Williams and Tinie Tempah. The net is abuzz, however, over the apparent controversy that whereas the men were fully clothed, Del Rey appeared on the magazine [...]

Why You Should Be Ecstatic About Mad Men’s Return


It’s the best show on Television. No, don’t worry, I’m not going to count that in the list (but I’m also not going to count that as hyperbole), though I do feel like I had to get it off my chest nice and early. Seriously though, don’t worry, I’m keeping this list gravely serious. Mad [...]

The Best TV of 2011 (That No One’s Watching)


Those of you who read The Underground will know that I’m all about spreading the word of undiscovered quality. However, as I adorned my hipster-cape to write this “Best TV No One’s Watching” list, something really quite sad hit me, really hard. I think if I were simply writing a “Best of TV” list, it [...]