TesseracT Announce New Vocalist & Album Trailer


It’s hard work being the vocalist of a progressive metal band. Unless you have a ridiculous range, pull your weight as a guitarist or kick some serious ass on the synth, you’re probably not going to receive the frontman kudos that comes so easily to your heavier brethren – from Corey Taylor to Ozzy and Dio. Such [...]

Scream for me Donington! Iron Maiden Set to Headline Download 2013

Bruce Dickinson Donington or Bust

For the fifth time in their illustrious, denim, leather and zombie-laden career, Iron Maiden have announced that they will be headlining Donington’s Download Festival next year. The concert will mark the 25th anniversary of the band’s first appearance at Donington, after Monsters of Rock in 1988 and 1992, and Download in 2003 and 2007. The show will most [...]

Metallica Preparing to Record New Material


Four years since their last album, Death Magnetic, metal giants Metallica have confirmed that they are working on new material. No, that horrendous Lou Reed collaboration didn’t happen; you were in a nightmare – a whiny, pretentious nightmare. In talks with Metal Hammer, drummer Lars Ulrich announced that the band has a selection of riff-tacular jams to pull from: [...]

Def Leppard To Re-Record Entire Discography


Heavy metal rockers / mullet salesmen Def Leppard have decided, amongst arguments with record label Universal, that the quickest way around their debacle is to re-record their entire back catalogue. The decision came about with the realisation that the majority of the band’s music isn’t available on any digital platforms, thanks to some legal, copyright-ish [...]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Pelted By Rocks On Stage


Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine found out earlier this week that hell hath no fury like fans of hair metal, after he was driven off stage by a barrage of rocks at Croatian festival Metalfest on Tuesday. The incident came about following rumours that glam band W.A.S.P. had refused to participate in the festival, hanging up their [...]

Video: Serj Tankian – ‘Figure It Out’

Serj Tankian - Figure It Out

While Armenian-American metal guru Serj Tankian has always been quick to spit in the face big business and corrupt government, his 2010 album Imperfect Harmonies followed a distinctly less hard rock / metal approach than what fans of the System of a Down frontman have become accustomed to, offering a more prog, symphonic-based sound. The new video for [...]

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pandora’s Piñata


Within the first minute of the opening track on Pandora’s Piñata, the latest effort by the Swedish ensemble Diablo Swing Orchestra, we learn what their sound is all about. There is no dramatic build up as one may expect with a symphonic metal group; rather, the sound jumps straight into the flurry of swinging cellos, [...]

Review: Black Sabbath Back In Birmingham: Still A Force To Be Reckoned With


There may have been a wave of controversy surrounding heavy metal godfathers Black Sabbath in recent months, but I am here with my ears still ringing to assure you that they are now, as much as they ever were, a force to be reckoned with. Back in their hometown of Birmingham, Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and [...]