moe. – What Happened to the La Las


Alright, it’s time for some secret sharing. I don’t normally do this with the anonymous masses, but this is something I must get off my chest: my knowledge of jam bands extends to a dusty copy of Widespread’s Bombs & Butterflies and a couple viewings of Electric Apricot. Whether it’s a genetic disposition or merely a lack of interest, Phish is not something I enjoy seeing on my musical dinner plate. When I picked up moe.’s What Happened to the La Las, I wasn’t exactly sure what … [Read more...]

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Class of MXXII

Mark Noisiri Contributor Artist: Midnight Kids Academy Album: Class of MMXII Comments: Let me start off by saying that this album was all I was listening to for the past week, partly because I'm the executive producer and the album dropped January 1, 2012. Got it completed just before 11pm that night. Midnight Kids Academy is an international collective of artists which I am a part of, and we decided to put together this compilation Class of MMXII to start off the new year on a high note. … [Read more...]