Muse Adds New Dates to Upcoming US Tour


Muse have added four additional US dates to the band’s upcoming tour in support of The 2nd Law. What was already an expansive North American tour with dates stretching from January to April just got longer with the addition of extra nights in both Los Angeles and New York, as well as additional stops in [...]

Glenn Beck writes insane open letter to Muse and Matt Bellamy


This Sunday, Matt Bellamy said he felt that “in the US the conspiracy theory subculture has been hijacked by the right to try to take down people like Obama and put forward right-wing libertarianism”, and that he see’s himself as a more “left-leaning libertarian”. In response, Glenn Beck, who also is a likes to pretend [...]

Muse – The 2nd Law


I’m sorry, I just need to take a quick breather here before we can begin. Okay, in… Out… Calm, soothing thoughts. Phew, I’m ready. Let’s do this. So Muse have been a pretty funny bunch the last couple of years. I’d be hard pressed to name a band half as big as Muse that so [...]

Muse accused of stealing music and art from “Sci-fi Rock Opera”

Continuing the comedy of errors that is Muse’s recent career, the band (and their lucky label) are now facing a 3.5 million dollar lawsuit for copyright infringement, unfair trade practise and unfair competition. Charles Bolfrass is claiming that the band’s 2009 hit “Exogenesis” was in fact a “rip-off” of his song of the same name. [...]

Listen: Muse’s New Single ‘Madness’ Wubs Its Way Online


The above title might be a little misleading. This is not the robot-delivered, dubstep explosion of ‘Unsustainable‘ that peeved so many fans, and the bass will only shudder the smallest of bowels, but Muse’s lastest single, ‘Madness’, remains a far cry from the band’s more rock-oriented work. Sadly though, the Devon trio won’t be escaping [...]

Listen: Muse’s new dubstep-esque track “Unsustainable”

Above, you can listen to Muse’s new track “Unsustainable” from their upcoming release The 2nd Law.  This was the track included in the album trailer a while back that got everyone in a tizzy, but honestly, when listening to the track it simply sounds like a continuation of the kinds of guitar effects Bellamy was [...]

Muse Delay Release of ‘The 2nd Law’ Until October

L.A. Rising

Purveyors of the overblown and grandiose, Muse have announced that the release date for their new album The 2nd Law has been pushed back to 1st October, instead of the original mid September date. No official reason has been announced for the pushed back date, though some have speculated that it could’ve been influenced somewhat [...]

Muse unveil album art and tracklisting for “The 2nd Law”


I’m genuinely looking forward to the new Muse album. I mean, yeah, a small part of me really wants to like it, but I’m mainly just eager to see what happens when the band really takes their Queen influence to the extreme and throws a little dubstep in there. If it doesn’t work, something tells [...]