For some reason, Will.I.Am becomes first artist to debut song on another planet


Yesterday (the 29th og August) at 9PM BST (That’s space-time), the creatively titled “Reach For the Stars” by Will.I.Am was broadcast from the Mars Curiosity Rover, making Will.I.Am the first artist ever to debut a song from another planet. Well, as the song itself says, “I know Mars might be far, but baby it ain’t [...]

In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock – NASA Plays The Beatles on Mars


If Martians had been listening in to Earth’s radio signals as of late, they too would no doubt be sick of hearing unnecessary remix after unnecessary remix of Gotye‘s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’. NASA are presumably worried of this, and employee Eric Blood has revealed on Reddit that a list of  ’wake-up calls’ are used to [...]

Listen: The Flaming Lips & Lightning Bolt – “I Want to Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage”


Lately The Flaming Lips have been doing more collaborations than album releases without gummy exteriors.  Their recent work with Prefuse 73 in May and Neon Indian in March caused a lot of buzz, but this newest effort might take the cake. The Flaming Lips, who need no introduction, are now teaming up with Lightning Bolt, [...]

Video: U2 Collaborates With NASA On Commemorative Video


U2 has worked with everyone else on the planet, so why not NASA. NASA and U2 released a commemorative video highlighting a year’s worth of collaboration in space and on the Irish rock band’s 360 Degree tour. U2 approached NASA in 2009 with an idea to include a dialogue between the band and the crew [...]