The Walkmen – Heaven

The Walkmen release 'Heaven'

Heaven marks the ten year anniversary of Hamilton Leithauser, Paul Maroon, Walter Martin, Peter Bauer and Matt Barrick playing together as a band and as friends in The Walkmen. From 2002 until now, they have released a stretch of albums (Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone, Bows + Arrows, A Hundred Miles Off, [...]

Beach House – Bloom


Those worried that Beach House may risk following up the ten songs of blissful, heartrending perfection that was 2010′s Teen Dream with a lesser effort or foreign sound can return to kaleidoscopic slumbers. Beach House burst straight out of the gate on Bloom with the same bold maneuver they dropped on team Teen Dream: they [...]

Nick Waterhouse – Time’s All Gone


If you don’t know singer, musician, producer and analog devotee Nick Waterhouse yet, you will soon. The 25 year-old product of Huntington Beach, CA turned heads at SXSW 2012 in March and released his debut album, Time’s All Gone, on May 1. The album is a fiercely confident, masterfully played and recorded work of a [...]