Karma? Man trying to sneak into Nickelback gig falls down gorge

No, I will never get tired of using this image.

You know who I love? Nickelback. Not as musicians or anything, but as an entity. I like to think that the band are this sort of nebulous entity encapsulating everything a bit awkward and shitty about modern music (in an oddly endearing way, I mean). It also helps that pretty much every story they’re involved [...]

Photos: Nickelback @ Philips Arena


Chad Kroeger and company played Atlanta’s Philips Arena last week. Check out photos courtesy of Artist Xposure’s Allen Ross Thomas.

Black Keys’ Drummer Apologizes to Nickelback


The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has backtracked a little on the comments he made about Nickelback in an January interview with Rolling Stone. During the Rolling Stone cover story Carney stated, “Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world… So they became OK with [...]

Nickelback Engages in Embarassing Twitter War With Haters


Add the following to the “list of things I never thought I’d type”: Poor old Nickelback. They’ve been having a hard time lately. No seriously, I mean it. From being voted the biggest musical turn-off to people protesting their gigs out of sheer hate for them, to being called the death of Rock music by [...]

Nickelback Responds to The Black Keys’ Comments


Nickelback responds to the diss by The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney.

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Disses Nickelback


When finger-pointing ensues for who exactly killed rock & roll, The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney has a clear figurehead in mind. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Carney attacks Nickelback and their influence on people’s indifference towards the mainstream: “Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in [...]

Surprising no one: Nickelback voted greatest turn-off


Poor old Nickelback can’t seem to catch a break today, huh? Coming as a shock to literally no one on the entire God-damned Earth, Nickelback were recently voted the number one sexual turn-off, musically speaking, by users of tastebuds.fm. The way the site works is you enter your favorite artists and it looks for people [...]

Detroit Lions Fans Say No to Nickelback Performance


A group of Detroit Lion fans have started a petition to get Nickelback uninvited to perform during the Lion’s half-time game show.