Interview: Hesta Prynn is In


NYC word-slinger, musician and artist Hesta Prynn has always evoked a quirky and intriguing style. These days folks are boasting from the city and where-the-hell-ever she frequents about her skills and delectable selections, craftily spun and delivered, whether on the tables or on the mic. This morning (well, yesterday morning), a chat with Dr. Prynn [...]

Best Indie Records of 2010


While getting such a rounded number as 25 wasn’t exactly the goal here, that’s how many ‘best’ indie records of 2010 I’d like to mention. As a disclaimer, this is not a reflection of The Silver Tongue indie team’s collective opinion, but a mere listing of the records that I, personally, have enjoyed the most [...]

This Summer’s Must Have Free Indie Music Downloads


‘Tis the summer for free indie rock downloads, I’m convinced. Spin Magazine has a couple of compilation albums floating around. Most notable, editors’ picks contrive a 16-song collection of Bonnaroo bands. Local Natives, Phoenix, Gossip and The Young Veins contributed to this one. Indie bands releasing one-off’s is the new hype, too. New Young Pony [...]