Listen: Tom Morello, Tim Ilrath, Serj Tankian & Occupy Wall Street – ‘We Are The 99%’


Rage Against the Machine, Rise Against and System of a Down have all been, at some point, big names in politically-charged rock, and up until now, one could only guess as to what would happen if members of all three bands got together – either society would collapse or some kick-ass tunes would be created. [...]

Real Protestors Shut Down Fake Occupy Wall Street Set


The cast of Law & Order: SVU were filming at a fake ‘Occupy Wall Street” set when they were visited upon by actual Occupy Wall Street protestors. Protesters showed up around midnight at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan to the set, designed to look like the Zuccotti Park camp where the occupy protest first began, while [...]

Third Eye Blind Supports Occupy Wall Street With New Song

Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind has released a song specifically for the movement on Wall Street against corporate greed. The name of the song is called “If There Ever Was A Time”, and supports the movement 100%. The song starts out with a news relay from Occupy Oakland protesters reacting to a fellow protester suffering a fractured [...]

98 Degrees’ Justin Jeffre Arrested During Occupy Protest


Former boy band member, Justin Jeffre was arrested during the Occupy Cincinnati protest. The singer, best known as a member of the band 98 Degrees, was arrested and charged with “criminal trespassing and prohibitive use of the square”. Jeffre, A political activist and a blogger for The Cincinnati Beacon,  spent the night in jail with [...]

Video: Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright Singing at Occupy Wall Street


Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright lent their voices to ever-growing Occupy Wallstreet movement. The duo dropped in on the protest Sunday night (October 23rd, and in the video below (via NME), the two can be seen singing Madonna’s “Material Girl” amongst protesters. Over the last few weeks many celebrities have stopped by the Occupy Wall [...]

Take a Listen: Young Circles Tribute to the Occupy Wall Street Movement


Young Circles are doing their part to support the Occupy Wall Street. Today the band released their new single “Ninety-Nine Percent”. They wrote the song as a tribute to the Occupy Wall Street movement. You can listen to the track below. The single is available for a $1 or higher donation, packaged with both the [...]

Watch Live: Occupy Atlanta on UStream


Occupy Atlanta is going on now. An estimated 150 protesters gathered at Woodruff Park late Monday night. Atlanta Police officers are paroling the area, but as of yet no arrest have been made and the protest continues. Check it out live via Ustream below. The protest that started on Friday drew a bit of negative attention when the [...]