Amanda Palmer wants professional musicians to “volunteer” to play with her on stage.


Amanda Palmer has recently issued a call to arms of sorts on her website, where she is asking for “professional-ish” horn and string backup for each city on her “Grand Theft Orchestra” tour. In return, Amanda Palmer says the musicians shall receive exposure. The only prerequisite is that you show up for a quick rehearsal [...]

The Flaming Lips and the Nature of Chaos in Music

flaming lips and heady fwends

Already, the latest release from The Flaming Lips has been called a whole range of impressive things; innovative, creative, bizarre. Chaotic. It isn’t really any of those. If I may offer a few prologues to the point I’m making; firstly, this is in no way an article whose purpose is to tear down, insult or [...]

Tupac Hologram: A Blast from the Past or a Preview of the Future?


If you asked me a year ago which would come first, seeing Tupac perform sixteen years after his death or flying cars, I would have said confidently, “flying cars, of course.” Then came the rumors that Pac would be making an appearance at Coachella 2012 alongside Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg. I still didn’t believe it. [...]

54th Annual Grammy Predictions

12.1 Grammy Prediction

So last night the Grammy Award Nominations were announced, and we’re all running around chit-chatting about how excited/pissed we are about different nominations. Maybe you’re dumbfounded at the fact half of the “New Artists” are being considered new or that King of Limbs is getting more attention than it deserves. Regardless, I have compiled a [...]