SXSW 2012, Thursday March 15th


My SXSW 2012 began on Thursday, March 15. In retrospect, being there Wednesday would’ve been worthy. Pianos (NYC) co-hosted a showcase full of great independent acts on the upswing – including Hooray for Earth, Fort Lean, Haim and Tiny Victories – that I was saddened to miss (and reminded of by my peers). On the [...]

Snowmine Residency at Piano’s + SXSW


Always sort of snarling now when someone introduces a new band to me as ‘Brooklyn-based,’ Snowmine is one that I went back to check out because, honestly, I liked their name. Snowmine is five guys who seem to be not-for-the-sake-of-it indie. Their bio uses the term ‘soundscape’ to describe their music, and it’s one I [...]