Pussy Riot eBook Now Available, All Proceeds Fund Legal Defense

Pussy Riot

If you’re searching for a convenient means of supporting the cause of imprisoned feminist punks Pussy Riot, look no further than the new eBook PUSSY RIOT! A Punk Prayer for Freedom. If you haven’t been relegated to a media black hole of solitary confinement for the past half-year, you’re presumably aware of the plight of [...]

Listen: NOFX – This Machine Is 4


Despite now sitting on twelve albums, stretching back to a debut in ’88 with Liberal Animation, Californian four-piece NOFX have refused to alter their style – sticking firm to politically motivated punk, whilst keeping things fresh with liberal injections of ska, comedy and self-deprecation. Their latest single, ’This Machine Is 4′ proves no exception – boasting simple, but furiously fast power chords, [...]

Video: OFF! – “Borrow and Bomb”/”I Got News For You”


OFF! strike punk-comedy gold with 80′s public access videos (and Dave Foley) If you prefer your music expertly bashed out riding a furious punk edge and laced with vitriolic wit, you are probably already an OFF! fan, especially if you’ve been with Keith Morris through his early days with Black Flag and the past few [...]

Japandroids – Celebration Rock

Brian King and David Prowse of Japandroids

Indie culture and Japandroids have both aged three years since David Prowse and Brian King released a feverishly popular eight-song debut called Post-Nothing upon a population consisting mostly of unsuspecting ears. The culture itself grows more overwrought and stylized by the day, bordering on self-parody, while Japandroids have defiantly stuck to their guns and roots. [...]



It’s damn near impossible to fathom a band releasing a debut album that can summon the rebirth or total resuscitation of hardcore and punk, but that miraculous injection is exactly what OFF! have jacked into the bloodstream of a bloated and nostalgically remembered genre with their 16 songs in 16 minutes debut stamp of anger, [...]

Karina Buhr, Brazil’s Own Patti Smith Releases New Album


From the folklore-rich Northeastern Brazil where pungent marshes meet the bluest of seas comes “Longe de Onde”, Brazil’s punk bard Karina Buhr’s latest album.  Her birthplace, the port city of Recife,  is home to some very unique musical and cultural forms and a distinctly hard dialect, a Liverpool of sorts in the easternmost part of [...]

Iraq Militia Stone Youths to Death for “Emo” Style


A shocking report claims between 90 and 100 Iraqi teenagers who dress in “emo” fashions, characterized by tight jeans and graphic T-shirts, accessories, and longish haircuts, have been stoned to death over the past few weeks by Shiite fundamentalists, a response to a warning about the “devil worshipping” lifestyle posted to the Interior Ministry’s website. [...]

Coliseum – Parasites


Before I dive into this review, allow me to preface my opinion on music that revolves around the realm of punk. I believe (and will argue) that true punk died roughly after the slow and painful demise of early 90s hardcore punk (right around when Scared Straight became Ten Foot Pole…yeah, that actually happened). That [...]