Old Albums Outselling the New for the First Time


While many of the older generation are content to sit about on their rocking chairs and PlayStation 1′s, complaining about the state of music these days, recent figures have revealed that, for the first time since Nielsen Soundscan has been measuring US album sales, old albums are outselling the new. No, there hasn’t been a resurgence [...]

Modern Warfare 3 Breaks International Sales Record


Modern Warfare 3 reached one-billion dollars in world-wide sales in a mere 16 days beating previous record holder James Cameron’s Avatar, who reached the same number in 17 days. The video game franchise has performed well in a down video game market and Activision is also raking in extra bucks through the Call of Duty [...]

Lady Gaga’s Discounted Sales Change the Billboard Rules


Reform! Lady Gaga (or more accurately, the Lady Gaga team) made the decision to sell Born this Way for only $0.99 on Amazon, and sales went… Well, about as well as you’d expect a $0.99 Lady Gaga product would go.  According to Billboard, the LP topped charts, 1,108,000 copies in the first week alone, with [...]

Timeline: The Reign of Eminem


Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Slim Shady, aka Eminem, celebrates his 39th birthday today. Most people know the story of how Eminem went from a trailer park in Detroit to super-stardom; selling millions of hit records, starring in a successful film and becoming one of the world’s most sought after producers. And while his music [...]