Slip of the Tongue: Endless Flowers by Crocodiles


Will, Michael and John sit down to discuss U2, read One Direction fan fiction and review Endless Flowers by Crocodiles 3:00 – 10:15 – We talk about U2′s upcoming album, and Bono’s claim that “it’s the best they’ve sounded since 1979” (U2 has been around since 1979!!!!) 10:15 – 20:35 – We talk about Justin [...]

Slip of the Tongue: Weather Systems by Anathema

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Will, Matt and Michael sit down to talk about the Jacksons coming back to music, going undercover in the “dark parts of the internet” and finish up with a review of Weather Systems by Anathema. Podcast timeline: 0:00 – 08:45 – We discuss the return of the Jackson family to music, and their timing 08:45 [...]

Slip of the Tongue: Sound and Music in Cinema

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In this episode of Slip of the Tongue we sit down with FILM CRIT HULK of Badassdigest.com.

Slip of the Tongue: Dan Warren

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Will sits down and talks with eccentric artist Dan Warren about his creative, bizarre and wonderful new project “Son of Strelka, Son of God” in which Barack Obama narrates a story of the death and rebirth of the universe. All music in the episode courtesy of Dan Warren. Dan Warren Interview(mp3 link). Click here to download [...]

Slip of the Tongue: Bootleg Edition

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We sit down to talk about our favorite bootlegs and live shows, what we’ve been listening to and the insanity of die-hard fans. Podcast timeline: 1:30 – 12:18 – Why Muse and Firefly fans are totally insane 12:18 – 16:55 – We talk about the brilliant NBC comedy Community, its current status and our own [...]