Staff Picks: September


Justin Wesley Senior Contributor Artist: Ryan Bingham Album: Tomorrowland Comments: Coming into his fourth album Tomorrowland, Ryan Bingham, the Texan rocker with a drifter’s rusty heart and burning belly full of red-blooded dreams, stood at a crossroads with his career and elected to move forward in pursuit of his most pressing desire: freedom. After nearly [...]

Staff Picks: August

America Give Up

James Brightman Senior Contributor Artist: Eugene McGuinness Album: The Invitation to the Voyage Comments: Inspired by 60s music, fashion and sensibilities (combined with an uncaring 21st century brutality), Eugene McGuinness’ second solo album is frighteningly brilliant. Complete with artery-severing hooks and toe-tapping interludes, The Invitation to the Voyage is a dream in a plastic case. [...]

Staff Picks: July

I Am Kloot

Will Donelson Assistant Editor Artist: I Am Kloot Album: Sky at Night Comments: So it took me years of listening to this album on Spotify to actually buy it. And you know what? It’s odd to say, but… I think this album is structurally perfect. Every song is as long as and placed exactly where [...]

Staff Picks: June

Bright Eyes

John Beringer Contributor Artist: Reptar Album: Body Faucet Comments: Reptar is an afro-poppin’ indie rock band from the musical hotbed of Athens, GA, and their first record, Body Faucet, has been the soundtrack to my walk (excuse me, dance) home from the train for the past two months. They showed up on my radar in [...]

Staff Picks: May


James Brightman Senior Contributor Artist: Paul Buchanan Album: Mid Air Comments: After an exemplary performance of the title track on Later…With Jools Holland, to say that I was looking forward to this album was an understatement. Now that I’ve got it, I can’t stop playing it. The album is like a series of black and [...]

Staff Picks: April


Mark Nosiri Senior Contributor Artist: OneofUs Album: Disengage Comments: Released in late 2011, Disengage is the debut album by international jazz/soul collaborative OneofUs. The duo’s music consists of jazz sample-heavy instrumentals produced by Maryland-based beatsmith Nathan “Sinitus Tempo” Peters, providing the backdrop for vocals by Australian singer Kitty Wong. At times, the record feels indulgent, [...]

Staff Picks: March


Carlos Reyes Senior Contributor Artist: The Dø Album: Both Ways Open Jaw Comments: I’ve known about The Dø for a long time thanks to their easy-on-the-ears song “Stay (Just a Little Bit Long),” but it wasn’t until Nicole Farhi’s runway show (At London Fashion Week) when I started to get more interested in this band. [...]

Staff Picks: 2/12 – 2/25

Still Corners

Janey Criss Assistant Editor Artist: Still Corners Album: Creatures of an Hour Comments: Creatures of an Hour came out just this past October. It’s a brilliant record that I think got lost in the year-end smudge. This is an easy-listening, more mellow version of a Raveonettes record (pick one), with unique qualities, of course. Vocals [...]