Twin Sister @ the E.A.R.L.

twinsister 1

I walk in on Twin Sister’s second song, “Bad Street,” at the EARL Wednesday night. My first impression is that Eric Cardona’s backing vocals sound just like a record – a crispy, clear vinyl record. The thing is, Twin Sister frontwoman, Andrea Estella, backs herself up on that song in the recording. The playfulness of this, and the newness of seeing the band live for the first time starts off well. The swank, street club pop sensationalism of that tune made a mood that would carry over … [Read more...]

Diamond Rugs Play Their First Show Ever in Atlanta @ The Earl December 29th

diamond rug

A few weeks ago we posted a video for the Diamond Rug's Christmas track entitled "Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant". Diamond Rugs is a collaboration between John McCauley (Deer Tick), Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick), Ian Saint Pé (The Black Lips), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate) and Bryan Dufresne (Six Finger Satellite). Well, the band will play their first show ever on December 29th at The Earl in Atlanta, GA. Doors open at 8:30 P.M and tickets are $20.00. Dead … [Read more...]

Review: Future Islands @ the EARL


In the crevice of the cool Saturday night air of a windy, post-Thanksgiving weekend, Baltimore trio Future Islands take allotted time for a show at the E.A.R.L. in East Atlanta, not terribly far from where they met and this whole musical thing began [as college friends in Greenville, NC]. Frontman Samuel T. Herring bookends the play with an opening speech, in a voice that reaches out not at all like its singing counterpart. The tone is kind, albeit littered with four letter words beginning with … [Read more...]

Interview: Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun


Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is a rather lengthy band name. Blog folks seem to tag just the first part – it’s easier on FB and Twitter, i.e., and @todaythemoon know that. Around Atlanta they’ve become household enough that most people understand what TTMTTS means or, simply and lazily now, TTM. But the ‘sun’ part is important, too. From my perspective, it’s indicative of the determination and general professionalism as a working unit that these four musicians possess – the … [Read more...]

Review: Twin Shadow @ the E.A.R.L.


The miracle of the live Twin Shadow experience isn’t really miraculous at all. If anything, simply put, it’s a culmination of vocal ability, technological knowledge and, well, the simplistic nature of the music in the first place. There are many other factors in getting to those moments, I do realize, but as a live experience, I think these three factors are the gluey magic that makes watching a Twin Shadow show like innocently stargazing. George Lewis, Jr. and his darling, super pro band … [Read more...]

Review: Pocket the Moon (s/t)


To summarize, I expected this record to be slow and a little bit somber, and the antithesis of what I’ve been listening to lately. But it didn’t necessarily pan out as anticipated. True, Pocket the Moon’s self-titled debut LP has some somberness happening. But the slivers of darkness – not even exclusively lyrically, but in the tangled mood of it all – are what bring it up well past the wrung of monotony and into a space that allows for comparisons to artists outside the genre … [Read more...]

Review: Class Actress @ the E.A.R.L.


Elizabeth Harper’s vocals are rich on record and, live, come out maybe thicker. They’re reverbed out, but not delayed too much, so the sound becomes thick but not tricky, warmer even. Scott Rosenthal maintains beats and punches synths through an antique piece of musical mystery (to me, at least) that is bound and held by what appears to be the broken off bottom half of an office chair. The ingenuity of that itself gives the stage some attitude. This is a great pairing for the previous group, … [Read more...]

Review: Jucifer @ the E.A.R.L.


There’s always an exploratory argument with me that there are two kinds of bands – studio bands and live bands. While many do well in either type of situation, and few do well under almost any circumstance, every band is either better live or better on record. Well, not necessarily Jucifer, no. This powerhouse duo has, literally, created an army behind them that is a continuum army of two that are one (still follow?). G. Amber Valentine and G. Edgar Livengood are indie veterans of a sort. … [Read more...]